About Us

The team of Rein Games are a bunch of hardcore gaming enthusiasts, who had a brilliant idea - to create skill-based real-money games that entertain and engage millennials. And that's how Rein Games was born. With a mission to bring never-seen-before gaming models and concepts to Indian youngsters and millennials, Rein Games is all about hack-proof entertainment and a transparent gaming experience that cultivates a real competitive spirit.

So, whether you're a pro gamer or a newbie to the scene, we've got your back. Get ready for a wild ride, because with Rein Games, the possibilities are endless!

80 + Team Members
5 + Featured Games
10 m+ Regular Users
10 + Certification

Our Team Members

Vaibhav Gupta

CEO, Founder

He is an INSEAD MBA and IIT Bombay Electrical Engineering graduate. With 10+ years of experience in finance, strategy consulting, and international alliances. Passionate about revolutionizing the gaming world.

Himanshu Devra

COO, Co-Founder

A seasoned professional with 10+ years in Product Management and Development, specializes in optimizing e-commerce and mobile platforms. He excels in strategic planning, product development, marketing, business alliances, and delivery.

Vipul Gupta


He is an IIT (Computer Science) and IIM (Finance) alumnus. Successful stints at CSC and Infosys. He is recognized for technical excellence and leadership. Managed 40+ people teams in just two years.

Pranav Choudhary

Co-Founder/Tech Lead

He is an expert in team management, cross-functional collaboration, and game development. He creates extraordinary gaming experiences, pushing boundaries. Join their innovative journey!

What We Do

At Rein Games, we're not just creating games – we're producing pulse-pounding, heart-racing, exhilarating experiences that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Our team of brilliant designers is always pushing the envelope with new and unconventional ideas, never hesitating to take a leap of faith in the name of fun.

We don't just rely on guesswork, either. We're constantly analyzing player data to improve the user experience, and we use cutting-edge technology to deliver the best possible gaming performance. Our players are at the heart of everything we do, and their feedback is what drives us to be better every day.

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